Insurance Advocacy

Few companies have the time or resources to truly understand the insurance marketplace. Commercial insurance is complex and expensive but a necessity. IAG relieves the buyer from having to become an expert in insurance. IAG will build an insurance program that fits your business like a glove. It's simply one of the best financial decisions you will ever make to significantly reduce your insurance costs and increase your coverage.


You now have a Fractional Risk Manager on your team advancing your interest and your interest alone.




  • With IAG on your team, you will always receive the lowest possible insurance cost on every new or renewal policy. You will never again wonder if there is a better insurance program out there for your company.


  • IAG makes you an informed buyer. In any financial negotiation, which insurance is, knowledge is king. The more knowledge and information you have about the product you are buying the better you can negotiate its cost. Becoming an informed insurance buyer through "Advocacy" is a game changer

  • IAG works only for you, advancing your interest and your interest alone. We do not represent any insurance company or agency.  

  • IAG will work with your current agent allowing you to focus on developing your core business

Who Has IAG Worked With?