Insurance Advocacy Services

Outsourced Risk Management

IAG is ready to be your outsourced risk management team, responsible to you for all facets of your insurance program. This includes reviewing current programs, claims, risks, loss picks, safety programs and renewals. We will prepare a comprehensive marketing strategy for each annual renewal, providing you with the tools needed to secure the best insurance coverage possible, at the best price possible. Whenever you have any questions relating to your insurance program, you can contact IAG with confidence that the matter will be addressed promptly.

Insurance Program Review

Do you fully understand the risks presented by your business, and the insurance products available to cover those risks? Are you over-insured? Are you under-insured? Do you pay more for insurance than competitors in your industry? How much money does your broker and insurance carriers make off of your company's program? As your "advocate" IAG will answer these questions as a part of your financial team. We will undertake a complete review of your insurance program, and provide you with a detailed report of our findings.

Loss Prevention and Safety Programs

Many insurance brokers talk about their great loss prevention services. But do they provide these services to you in a way that actually reduces your risks and your claims? We have practical experience dealing with the insurance community to bring effective "Loss Control" to our customers.

Assistance With Large Claims

When you submit a large claim to your broker, is it sometimes like dropping the claim into a black hole? We make sure that large claims are fully documented, well presented, and then we work tirelessly to get you the maximum recovery on the claim.

Annual Renewal Advocacy

You should contact IAG 4 to 6 months prior to your annual renewal. We will evaluate your insurance program, your business risks, your loss history and your existing insurance policies. We will determine if your account should be "shopped" to various insurance companies, and will identify insurance carriers that might be interested in your account. We will then create and help you to implement a winning renewal strategy.

Workers Compensation Experience Rating

IAG proactively manages our customers NCCI experience modification factor to be the best that it can be. The National Council on Compensation Insurance is the national bureau that promulgates your companies experience modification factor. That factor can be either a debit or credit depending on how your actual losses compare to your expected losses. The experience factor is used in the formula that calculates your workers compensation premium and therefore impacts what you pay. IAG can influence this cost.​

Captive Insurance Company vs. Traditional Insurance

IAG can handle all your due diligence needs and help you determine your most effective method of risk transfer. We can help you with the pros and cons of traditional insurance verses captive insurance company or other alternative methods of risk transfer.

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