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Your “In-House” Insurance Advocate

Negotiate the best business insurance program and feel empowered every day.

Without knowledge about how the industry works, buyers wonder if they are getting “exploited.” Like you, we care about getting the right insurance at the best price.


Decisions about property & casualty insurance have significant implications on human safety as well as business costs. It is possible to get the best insurance program and feel empowered every day.

IAG can help you accomplish it all. IAG acts as your internal insurance advocate, keeping your agent and the insurance companies in check. Here's how we can help you:


We simplify the insurance process so you understand coverages, premiums and any claims issues. This enables you to focus on running your company and not spending time managing the insurance program. That's your advocates job! With almost 100 years of combined experience on the agent/company side and now two decades working on behalf of the buyers, IAG is becoming the go-to resource for mid-market companies. We’ve worked with companies in a variety of industries, empowering and defending buyers like you, so you can have peace-of-mind and confidence that your business insurance program is the best in America and is working for you every day.

Here's Some Client Feedback:

“I have an insurance advocate on my team advancing my interest and my interest alone. They know the questions to ask.”

“IAG made me an informed buyer. In any financial negotiation, which insurance is, knowledge is king. IAG gave me the knowledge I needed to better negotiate for our company.”

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