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We Exist to Empower and Defend the Buyer from the Insurance Industry

Instead of waiting for your Agent to tell you how much you owe the Insurance Company, how about advising them on how much you're willing to pay - THAT'S ADVOCACY!

Few companies have the time or resources to truly understand the business insurance marketplace. It's complicated and expensive but A NECESSARY EVIL! With IAG on your team, you will never be "Gamed" by the insurance system.


What We Do: 

  • We represent only you

  • We don’t sell insurance and we don't represent any insurance company

  • We act as your “in-house” insurance manager, working with your agent and carriers to get the best programs for your needs

  • We have vast knowledge and experience that enables us to handle nearly any issue

  • We have access to the best industry-specific agents and carriers nationwide

  • We keep all insurance industry players in check

  • We make the complex simple so you can understand what you're buying

Here's Some Client Feedback:

“IAG understands the complexities of insurance, allowing me to focus on my business.”

“IAG significantly reduced my insurance costs while increasing my coverage. In the first year, the annual cost of IAG was more than covered by insurance savings.”

“IAG enabled us to have access to the best agents and carriers because they aren’t tied to any one carrier or agency.”

Our Services

IAG offers a wide range of services so our clients feel
empowered and informed every step of the way.
  • Business Insurance Policy Evaluation with Your Current Agent

  • Employment and Executive Risk Assessment

  • Cyber Risk Exposure Consultation

  • Claims Review, Negotiations, Closure

  • Premium Audit Review/Support and Negotiation

  • Insurance Contract Review

  • Merger and Acquisitions Due Diligence

  • Renewal Negotiation

  • Anything else related to your insurance

Getting Started


​First, we review your business needs and current business insurance policies and provide insights about the coverage.


Next, we work with your current agent and/or other agents to build the best team that can deliver the best coverages and cost.


Once implemented, we provide guidance and support to ensure that your insurance program is well managed and is an asset for you.

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