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Instead of waiting for your Insurance Company to tell you what your costs will be, how about advising them how much you are willing to pay?


We are proud of the financial, claims and coverage results we have managed for our customers. Our philosophy is simple: When all interested parties (Buyer, Agent, and Underwriter) can work together at the same level of knowledge everyone wins. Our job is to question the status quo and to manage insurance from a deeper understanding of the detailed workings of the industry and how those details might influence your cost, coverage and claims. We are well informed and use our insurance experience to level the communication playing field to drive results.

Stewart Hargrove, CPCU

Articles and Awards


Vendor of the Year

Insurance Advocacy’s owner Stewart Hargrove received the distinguished Vendor of the Year award from Kent Oil Companies, Texas for 2019


INSURANCE: The Necessary Evil

Mary Ellen Simmons, KLEOS

Company Acts as Insurance Department

Joan Tupponce, Richmond Times Dispatch

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